QuickBooks Error 12057

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12057?

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks accounting software has amazing functionalities and features. This is the software that is used in small and mid-sized businesses for fulfilling the accounting and financial tasks. In spite of being, such great accounting software, its user may come across different error codes. QuickBooks error 12057 is one such error that creates hindrances in the work of the software users. You will see this error when you try to update the accounting software or QB payroll service to the most recent release. However, there are many factors responsible for software error occurrences.

Now, let’s move further and try to analyze what could be additional possible reasons for the error.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 12057

These are the factors which are responsible for QuickBooks error 12057 occurrences:          

  1.  It might be possible that internet security settings or firewall blocking the accounting software from communicating with the server.
  2. You will see the pop up of the error on your system in case the accounting software is not able to connect with the network server.
  3. A weak internet connection could become the possible reason of the error.
  4. Improper SSL network settings could be the plausible cause of the software error. 
  5. Server response taking longer than usual. A sluggish response of the server.
  6. Timed out Internet connection or Lost Internet Packet. No internet connection.

After knowing the different causes of the software error, let’s check the various solutions of the error. Make sure to follow the steps carefully.

Solutions to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 12057

You need to follow the different solutions as mentioned here in the blog to fix the software error as soon as possible:

Solution 1- Update Microsoft Windows OS
  1. First, you need to close the company file.
  2. Now, update Microsoft Windows OS.
  3. You have to restart your PC.
  4. Open the accounting software. Make sure not to open the company file and with this, update QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Click on the help menu and then hit update QuickBooks.
  6. Hit on the options tab. You need to check mark yes enable QuickBooks automatic updates.
  7. You need to click on the mark all.
  8. You have to hit on the update now.
  9. Finally, close QuickBooks.
Solution 2- Modify System Date and Time
  1. First, close your QuickBooks accounting software.
  2. Now, change the date of the computer and time.
  3. Finally, you need to open the accounting software once more and try to update payroll.

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Solution 3- Configure the Internet Settings
  1. Firstly, go to the internet service providers home page.
  2. Secondly, you have to open the accounting software help menu and then click internet connection setup.
  3. Thirdly, click the radio option that says “use my computer’s internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the internet”.
  4. Now, hit next and then click on the advanced tab and then restore advanced settings.
  5. Click on apply, then ok.
  6. Finally, you have to update QuickBooks Desktop.
Solution 4- Check and Correct Firewall and Internet Security Settings
  1. Firstly, you need to add QuickBooks application, processed and ports in your internet security and firewall.
  2. Now, enable port 443 and 80.
  3. The following QuickBooks execution files exe, QBLaunch.exe, QBCFMonitorService.exe, QBDBMgr.exe, AutoBackupExe.exe, QBDBMgrN.exe, DBManagerExe.exe, FileMovementExe.exe, IntuitSyncManager.exe, Dbmlsync.exe, QBGdMgs.exe. FileManagement.exe, QuickBooksMessaging.exe, AutoBackupExe.exe
Solution 5- QB Manual Update

The software error code occurs in case multiple versions of QuickBooks installed or used on a single system. Here, at this point of time, you need to install QuickBooks manual updates for all the software versions one by one.

Solution 6- Configure Internet Security Protocols
  1. Firstly, you have to close all open programs along with QB Desktop.
  2. Now, press windows key+R together.
  3. You have to type cpl in the run box and click ok.
  4. You need to open the advanced tab and then scroll through the settings until you see security group.
  5. Check mark on SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 and then click ok.
  6. Finally, open QB Desktop and update payroll again.

Hope, the above solutions help you in troubleshooting the QuickBooks error 12057 from your system.  


 It is assumed that won’t find any difficulty in fixing QuickBooks error 12057. Hopefully, the solutions given in the blog help you in fixing the software error. Additionally, you are free to contact the QuickBooks experts in case the software error prolongs. They will help you in fixing the software error connected issue in a short duration of the time. Feel always free to contact them and discuss the other QB issues.  They have good years of experience in dealing with software related issues.

If you are still not able to resolve QuickBooks error 12057, then dial the QuickBooks Toll- Free Support Phone Number 1-888-905-3553.